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    The Brite Lite employee recognition program was launched in 2002, and highlights five employees who have gone above and beyond their everyday duties to make the patients and families with whom they come into contact feel safe, important, and well cared for. Brite Lites are selected as those who best exemplify “the four Cs” at Hasbro Children’s Hospital: caring, communication, cooperation and competence.

    Congratulations to Our 2013 Brite Lites:


    Kimberly Taylor, RN


    Miladys Guerrero, RN


    Tara Brown,


    Roxanne Price


    Petra Klinge, MD

    Kimberly Taylor, RN
    Hasbro 4th Floor Registered Nurse

    Patients and their families had this to say about Taylor:

    One nurse who brought absolute joy to Olivia each and every time she entered the room. Her name is Kim Taylor, RN, and like many others on Hasbro 4, she is an absolute angel. Kim never allowed Olivia or anyone in the room to feel down or defeated. Kim’s presence alone was calming and caring. Kim not only brought calm to Olivia but to our entire family. Kim was incredibly sweet to Olivia each and every time she entered the room. It allowed me to sit aside and watch my daughter smile and laugh as she interacted with Kim. I imagined at times maybe Olivia even just for a moment had forgotten where she was. Even during the most difficult times of treatment Kim always brought that elusive smile to Olivia. Those moments were close to our heart and meant the world to us. Kim was truly an inspiration and I believe deeply that she played a major role in Olivia’s recovery and mental state. For that we will be forever grateful. Thank you, Kim - you are an incredible and compassionate nurse.

    Miladys Guerrero, RN
    Hasbro 6th Floor Registered Nurse

    Patients and their families had this to say about Guerrero:

    David was fortunate enough to have been taken care of by Milley (Miladys) Guerrero, RN on both hospitalizations. She is an extraordinary person, a skilled and efficient nurse - her bedside manner, her ability to connect with David and earn his trust instantly, her ability to make him feel at ease - she is one of the most dedicated and outstanding nurses that I have ever met. She is the kind of nurse that makes people look at Hasbro and know it’s a top-class hospital; she is a great representation of outstanding nursing care. She managed to spend a tremendous amount of time with David. She has such grace and a gift, combined with her years of nursing skill, that I want to truly recognize and that is my motivation to write this letter.

    Tara Brown, CPNP, CPN, CCRN
    Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse

    Patients and their families had this to say about Brown:

    Tara Brown was one of our son Colin’s first assigned nurses. She was welcoming, with heartfelt sentiments. She gathered items, like stuffed animals, to make our son more comfortable and encouraged us to do the same. Upon hearing our first child’s difficult transition to having her newborn brother in the hospital, Tara sent home a goody bag to help our daughter feel closer to her brother and even took the time to speak to our daughter on the phone to explain how she, as Colin’s nurse, would take care of him. Tara is a remarkable nurse!

    Roxanne Price
    Food & Nutrition Services Nutrition Hospitality Associate

    Patients and their families had this to say about Price:

    During my son’s stay in the hospital she was always very pleasant and happy. She went out of her way to help look for my sons PJ’s that were in the Ronald McDonald Room dryer, which was locked. It was very touching that she assisted way after her rounds on the floor to look for them. My son was extremely happy. She may not think that was helpful, but it was, during a very stressful time. Thank you.


    Petra Klinge, MD
    Neurosurgery Neurosurgeon

    Patients and their families had this to say about Klinge:

    There are nowords to describe the overwhelming sense of comfort I felt with Ian in your care. You saved his life…and in turn mine. You will forever remain an angel to my family. His scar you stitched: flawless. His hair you cut: can’t even tell. You are more than a surgeon to me - you are the light at the end of a long tunnel. A woman of great value and part of the Dynamic Duo. My Angel!