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  • Jencks_JenniferJennifer Jencks, PhD

    • Assistant Director, Access, Bradley Hospital
    • Associate Director, Pediatric Behavioral Health Emergency Services, Hasbro Children's Hospital Emergency Department

    Jennifer Jencks, PhD is a licensed independent clinical social worker, specializing in the treatment of pediatric and adolescent anxiety disorders as well as pediatric emergency services. After completing her PhD in Social Work at Smith College School for Social Work she became the assistant director of access at Bradley Hospital in East Providence, R.I., and the associate director of the pediatric behavioral health emergency service within the Hasbro Children’s Hospital Emergency Department.

    Paccione_MargeMargaret Paccione-Dyszlewski PhD

    • Director, Quality and Clinical Innovation, Bradley Hospital
    • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Margaret Paccione has over 30 years of experiences in supervisory and administrative positions, as well as extensive experience with trauma patients and managing trauma-related service environments.

    As a licensed psychologist, teacher and rehabilitation specialist, Paccione is currently the director of quality and clinical innovation for Bradley Hospital. The responsibilities of this position sit at the cross section of staff development, quality, risk and regulatory compliance. Prior to this position, Paccione served as the director of the department of behavioral education and prior to that, psychologist manager and director of residential services at Bradley Hospital.

    Previously, she served as the regional administrator for behavioral health services for the statewide Delaware correctional system. Paccione has experience working with military and semi-military organizations and has received training through the FBI in delivery of trauma services including defusing, debriefing and hostage negotiation. She has also been deployed as a member of the American Psychological Association/American Red Cross trauma relief team.

    Paccione’s other former positions include director of the department of psychiatry and human behavior for Southern Chester County Medical Center in Pennsylvania, program director, drug and alcohol services division, life guidance services also in Pennsylvania, and chief of clinical services, Phelps Memorial Hospital Center in New York. Paccione has managed multi-site, multi-service programs in the not-for-profit sector, has directed her own private practice/consulting corporation and worked in the private, for-profit behavioral sector as well. She has published in the areas of both mental health and substance abuse.


    Francis Pescosolido, PhD, MPH

    • Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Francis Pescosolido, PhD, MPH maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Providence, Rhode Island. Within the child psychiatry department, Pescosolido is actively involved in teaching child psychiatry residents/fellows, regarding the psychodynamics, clinical course and treatment of childhood/adolescent and family post traumatic stress disorder. Additionally, Pescosolido is a clinical consultatnt to the inpatient children and adolescents units at Bradley Hospital in the area of child/adolescent psychological trauma.

    Pescosolido previously was on faculty at Harvard Medical School as a lecturer on psychiatry where he taught a seminar on child and family psychological trauma. He also taught this seminar at the Judge Baker Children’s Center and the Trauma Center with Bessel van der Kolk, MD at the Human Resource Institute where he was a senior clinical supervisor and consultant. Additionally, Pescosolido served as the director of the Child and Family Sexual Abuse Program, at Bradley Hospital, the first comprehensive program of its kind in the state of Rhode Island in the mid-1980s.

    He lectures and has published on the psychological impact and psychotherapeutic interventions concerning traumatic childhood victimization experiences.

    He received a BS cum laude in psychology and early childhood education as well as an MEd in counseling psychology from Springfield College, an MSW from Simmons College, an MPH from Harvard University and his PhD from Boston College.

    Sachs Henry

    Henry Sachs, MD

    • Chief Medical Officer for Bradley Hospital
    • Director of Pediatric Behavioral Health Services, Lifespan
    • Assistant Professor (Clinical) Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Henry Sachs, MD completed his child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship in the department of psychiatry and behavioral health at The Warren Alpert School of Medical at Brown University in 1993. He subsequently joined the staff of Bradley Hospital as an attending psychiatrist in the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. He served as co-director of the first-year medical student course on medical interviewing for five years and is an assistant clinical professor in the department of psychiatry and human behavior. In 2007 he became the medical director of Bradley Hospital and transitioned to the role of chief medical officer in 2012. In the fall of 2014 he took on the additional role of medical director of Lifespan pediatric psychiatry and behavioral health services. He is a co-founder of the Rhode Island Consortium for Autism Research and Treatment (RI-CART) and is on several community agency boards of trustees.

    Spirito AnthonyAnthony Spirito, PhD, ABPP

    • Staff Psychologist, Bradley Hospital and Rhode Island Hospital
    • Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Anthony Spirito, PhD, ABPP has been conducting research in adolescent suicidality and depression for 25 years. Working with a postdoctoral fellow, he published the first randomized trial of individual therapy with adolescents who attempt suicide. He was also site cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) supervisor for the large multi-site study, “The Treatment of Resistant Depression in Adolescence.” He recently was a member of research teams that conducted three treatment development studies to determine if new approaches will increase the efficacy of treatments for depressed and suicidal adolescents. The first trial examined whether concurrently treating the depressed parent of a depressed teen will improve outcomes for the adolescent. The second tested an integrated approach for treating conduct problems in depressed adolescents. And the third study examined whether the addition of an exercise component to a CBT protocol would improve depression and suicidality outcomes in overweight adolescents treated with CBT.

    Spirito has also conducted a study of an integrated CBT protocol for adolescents with alcohol use disorders, major depression and suicidality. He is currently principal investigator on a larger trial using the same protocol with suicidal adolescents. For his mid-career K award, he transported this integrated protocol to the community and has been instructing licensed mental health counselors to use the protocol for the past two years. He is now testing the comparative efficacy of this protocol versus standard care in community mental health clinics. Also directly relevant to this presentation, he has conducted follow up studies of adolescent suicide attempters after they leave an emergency department for outpatient care as well as after they leave inpatient psychiatric care.

    He also conducted an intervention trial designed to improve treatment attendance after adolescents who attempt suicide are discharged from an emergency department to outpatient care.


    Angela Stewart, PhD

    • Staff Psychologist, Outpatient Department, Bradley Hospital
    • Assistant Professor (Clinical), Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Angela Stewart earned her PhD in child clinical psychology from the University of Washington. As an undergraduate at Seattle Pacific University she studied education and received a Washington State Teaching Certificate for elementary education. Stewart completed a postdoctoral T-32 research fellowship in HIV prevention and pediatric psychology with the Brown Medical School department of psychiatry and human behavior, where she is now a clinical assistant professor. She is also a staff psychologist in the outpatient department at Bradley Hospital and leads evidence-based treatments aimed at improving parenting skills, reducing anxiety and self-injury for teens, and improving social skills among children. These programs include the Incredible Years (IY) parenting program, the Cool Kids anxiety management program, and a multi-family dialectical behavior therapy skills group. Her clinical and academic interests include risk and resilience, homelessness, HIV prevention, and family-based approaches to treating mental and behavior health conditions. She has published and presented on these topics in academic and community settings

     Umaschi_StephanieStephanie Shepard Umaschi, PhD

    • Psychologist, Department of Behavioral Education, Bradley Hospital, Bradley/Hasbro Children's Research Center
    • Assistant Professor (Research), Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Stephanie Shepard Umaschi, PhD earned her master’s degree in developmental psychology from Arizona State University, and her PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Oregon. She completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in developmental psychopathology through The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University's department of psychiatry and human behavior where she is now an assistant professor (research). She also is a staff psychologist at the Bradley/Hasbro Children's Research Center. Her research and clinical interests include implementation science, specifically the development and community dissemination of evidence-based prevention and treatment programs for parents and teachers, as well as addressing the significant problem of parent and staff engagement. Her work in this area has resulted in multiple conference papers, published manuscripts and grants.

    Shepard Umaschi has extensive training and experience in working with community programs to facilitate the adoption, delivery, and sustainability of evidence-based programs for children and families, including the Incredible Years (IY) Series, the Family Check-Up, motivational interviewing, and nurse family partnerships. In particular, she is a certified group leader and mentor in the IY Basic Parent Training Series and a certified group leader in the child Dinosaur School training series and the IY classroom Behavior Management Series. She is one of the few IY certified mentors in the parent training series in the country, and offers IY-authorized training workshops and consultation locally, nationally, and internationally to prepare leaders to deliver the toddler, preschool and school-age parenting curricula.