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    For general questions about access to the center’s services and facilities, budget preparation and costs, and scheduling for initial meetings, please contact:

    Christine Getter

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    As the new medical director of the Lifespan Clinical Research Center, Bharat Ramratnam, MD, talks about the center’s role in helping investigators stay focused on research.

    Located in Lifespan’s extensive Coro complex, our center builds on existing resources as well as newly created physical space to provide comprehensive support for clinical research.

    Lifespan Clinical Research Center Mission Statement

    The mission of the Clinical Research Center is to: 

    • Provide all Rhode Island residents with access to novel, cutting edge medical treatments from birth through every phase of life.
    • Support clinical investigators at Lifespan, Brown University and University of Rhode Island in conducting research on experimental, promising therapies and device development across medical specialties. 

    We offer:

    • Five dedicated exam rooms to meet with study participants
    • Skilled nursing and support staff
    • Biostatistics and data management
    • Easy access for specimen processing, storage and shipping
    • Assistance with grant writing and IRB protocols

    Our goal is to eliminate the logistical obstacles that may prevent young researchers from pursuing clinical trials and to provide the encouragement and additional resources for established clinical research teams to participate in multi-center trials and launch important research initiatives.

    In addition to serving as an internal resource for investigators within the Lifespan system, our facilities are available to faculty across the entire Brown University research community, as well as to investigators from other research institutions around the state. We prioritize projects as necessary, with the goal of providing the broadest and most timely access to the center’s services as possible.

    As committed investigators ourselves, we’re excited to be able to offer this kind of crucial support to colleagues and scientists engaged in advancing our field. We hope to host you here at the center, and are always available to answer further questions.

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