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Meet Dr. Athena Poppas

Athena Poppas, MD, is a cardiologist with the Cardiovascular Institute. Her interests are in echocardiography, valvular heart disease and heart disease in women. In particular, she has done research and clinical work to help women who have heart problems during pre


Shoulder Arthroplasty

Orthopedic surgeon, Andrew Green, MD, explains options for shoulder replacement surgery.


The Fostering Health Clinic: Creating a Medical Home for Children in Need

Carol Lewis, MD, discusses the Fostering Health Clinic at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, which provides primary care services and a medical home base for children in the foster care system.


Lifespan Clinical Research Center Provides Critical Support to Researchers

As the new medical director of the Lifespan Clinical Research Center, Bharat Ramratnam, MD, talks about the center’s role in helping investigators stay focused on research.


Parenting Matters Minute: Discipline

Salman Majeed, MD explains a few simple strategies for stopping a child from using negative behavior to get attention.


Parenting Matters Minute: Benefits of Pets

Marge Paccione, PhD discusses how having a pet can benefit children, including helping them practice responsibility, empathy and independence.


Parenting Matters Minute: Anxiety

Anne Walters, PhD discusses how to help children manage anxiety by engaging certain coping skills and not avoiding situations that make them feel anxious.


Parenting Matters Minute: Special Education Evaluation

Patricia Martins, MEd discusses how to obtain a special education evaluation for your child if you feel he may have learning challenges.


Parenting Matters Minute: Teens and Sleep

Mary Carskadon, PhD discusses adequate sleep for teens and offers strategies for helping your teen get enough sleep.


Parenting Matters Minute: Identifying Bullying

Jennifer Jencks, PhD discusses how to help identify if your child has been the target of bullying.


Parenting Matters Minute: Preventing Bullying

Jennifer Jencks, PhD discusses how to talk openly with your child about bullying to help prevent it from happening.


Comprehensive Stroke Center

Brian Silver, MD; Mahesh Jayaraman, MD; and Matthew Siket, MD discuss Rhode Island Hospital’s Comprehensive Stroke Center status and how the advanced level of care provided here will improve stroke recovery rates.


Cardiovascular Benefits of Exercise

George Charlton, MD, discusses the cardiovascular benefits of exercise.


Recognizing the Signs of Child Abuse

Dana Kaplan, MD, FAAP, from the Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr. Child Protection Center at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, discusses what actions to take if someone suspects child abuse.


Parenting Matters Minute: Helping Teens Deal With Death

Social worker Gary Regan discusses how to support teens who are dealing with death and grief.


Meet Samuel Dudley, MD, PhD

Samuel Dudley, MD, PhD is a physician scientist, trained as a general cardiologist with interests in cardiac electrophysiology and diastolic heart failure. He joined Lifespan to lead the Cardiovascular Institute in 2013.


Symptoms and Risk Factors for Heart Attacks

George McKendall, MD, director of the Coronary Care Unit at Rhode Island Hospital, discusses symptoms and risk factors for heart attacks.


The Impact of Statins on Cognition

Brian Ott, MD, director of The Alzheimer’s Disease & Memory Disorders Center at Rhode Island Hospital, found through research that despite warnings there is no link between statin use and changes in cognition.


Understanding Diabetes and Healthy Eating

Understanding Diabetes and Healthy Eating Flash 68946 Lisa Williams, RD, CDE, discusses the different forms of diabetes and how to manage the disease, particularly during the holidays.


The GI Psychology Partnership at Hasbro Children’s Hospital

Wendy Plante, PhD, staff psychologist at the Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center, discusses the unique partnership between the hospital’s GI clinic and the psychology department, which helps kids with GI disorders better manage their illness.

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