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  • Newport Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment

    Between September 2011 and May 2013, Newport Hospital participated in a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process initiated by Lifespan on behalf of its four member hospitals in order to maximize the depth and breadth of data collection and analysis and to leverage synergies among the institutions. During the CHNA, more than 100 internal and external community stakeholders – clinicians, social workers, researchers, public health and health policy experts, community leaders, and more – were surveyed or interviewed. In addition to speaking with community leaders and members, the needs assessments took into account quantitative data from more than two-dozen sources on a wide range of health and social issues.

    Qualitative and quantitative analysis revealed four broad areas of health need, as identified by stakeholders and supported by data, in the context of the mission and scope of service of Newport Hospital:

    • Access to care
    • Cancer
    • Healthier weight
    • Mental health

    Current and potential opportunities to address the identified needs were then evaluated – creating an implementation plan designed to improve community health status.

    The people of Newport Hospital are grateful to the community stakeholders who so generously shared their expertise and experience, and we pledge to continue to be deeply engaged in our shared mission of working toward a healthier Newport County. Our hope is that our 2013 community health needs assessment will serve as useful analysis from which productive dialogue and impactful action can be launched on our community’s behalf.