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Rhode Island’s Cardiovascular Institute to Present More Than 20 Abstracts At American Heart Association’s Annual Scientific Sessions


Includes three international collaboration presentations at premier cardiology conference

Researchers from the Cardiovascular Institute at Rhode Island, The Miriam and Newport hospitals will present 22 abstracts, both poster and oral presentations, at the upcoming American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, to be held in Dallas November 16-20, 2013. Scientific Sessions is the foremost cardiovascular research meeting in the U.S., with more than 18,000 cardiovascular experts from more than 105 countries in attendance.

“The Scientific Sessions is the leading conference for those in the field of cardiology, cardiac surgery and cardiovascular research,” said Samuel Dudley, MD, chief of cardiology at the Cardiovascular Institute. “Thousands of our peers will be in attendance to learn about and discuss the latest discoveries and developments in cardiovascular research. The acceptance of such a large number of abstracts from our organization demonstrates the caliber of research being conducted here every day.”

The following abstracts from the Cardiovascular Institute at Rhode Island, The Miriam and Newport hospitals, among others, will be presented (bold names indicate CVI researchers):

Abstract Poster Session

Tae Yun Kim, Yukiko Kunitomo, Zachary Pfeiffer , Divyang Patel, JungMin Hwang, Kathryn M Hartmann, Brijetsh Patel, Paul Jeng, Ohad Ziv, Xuwen Peng, Zhilin Qu, Gideon Koren, Bum- Rak Choi  

Title: Complex Dynamics of Multiple Early After Depolarizations (eads) and Their Propagation Underlie Polymorphic Vts (pvt) in Transgenic Rabbit Model of Lqt1  

Abstract Poster Session  

An Xie, Hong Liu , Qiongyin Wang, Lianzhi Gu, Man Liu, Cody Rutledge, Jing Li, Terry L Vanden Hoek, Samuel C Dudley Jr  

Title: Mitochondrial Ca2+ Flux Contributes to Arrhythmias in Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy Mice  

Abstract Poster Session   

An Xie, Hong Liu , Qiongyin Wang, Lianzhi Gu, Man Liu, Cody Rutledge, Jing Li, Terry L Vanden Hoek, Kenneth R Boheler, Samuel C Dudley Jr  

Title: Mitochondria Calcium Flux Plays an Important Role in Triggered Activity in Cardiomyocytes With Reduced Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Calcium Release  

Abstract Poster Session 

Ian D Greener , Cody A Rutledge, Samuel C. Dudley Jr.

Title: Endothelial- Mesenchymal Transition (EndMT) of the Atrial Endocardial Endothelial Layer: A Potential Contributor to Atrial Pathological Remodeling?  

Abstract Poster Session 

Kim MH , Puckrein G, Cai Q, Xu L.

Title: The relationship between patient diversity and warfarin use in atrial fibrillation: a ten-year perspective (2000-2010) on cardiovascular outcomes.  

Abstract Poster Session 

Karim Roder , Andreas A Werdich, Tae Yun Kim, Louise E Organ-Darling, Jung Min Hwang, Karni Moshal, Yi Chun Lu, Bum-Rak Choi, Calum MacRae, Gideon Koren  

Title: Ring Finger Protein RNF207: A Novel Regulator of HERG Conserved During Vertebrate Evolution  

Abstract Poster Session

Christopher Lang , Hye-Gi Shim, Rohit Arora

Title: Bayesian Meta-Analysis of the Novel Oral Anticoagulants Versus Warfarin in Patients with Renal Failure  

Abstract Poster Session

Ashraf A Sabe, Ahmed A Sadek, Nassrene Y Elmadhun, Michael P Robich, Frank W Sellke  

Title: The Effects of Resveratrol on Chronically Ischemic Myocardium in a Swine Model of Metabolic Syndrome: A Proteomics Study  

Abstract Poster Session

Jun Feng , Yuhong Liu, Nikola Dobrilovic, Arun K Singh, Cesario Bianchi, Frank W Sellke  

Title: Differential Impairment of Adherence-Junction Expression/Phosphorylation of Human Myocardium in the Setting of Diabetes After Cardioplegia  

Abstract Poster Session

Antonio B Fernandez, Saurav Chatterjee, Syed Latif, Wen-Chih Wu  

Title: Early Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Incident Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  

Abstract Poster Session

Michelle E. King and Peng Zhang  

Title: A Novel Inhibitory Role of MicroRNA-1 in Cardiac Fibroblast Proliferation and Differentiation  

International Collaborations  

Abstract Poster Session

Hye Jin Hwang, Yonsei cardiovascular center, Seoul, Korea, Republic of; Di Lang, Washington Univ, St Louis, MO; Ajit H Janardhan, Barns-Jewish Hosp, Washington Univ, Seoul, MO; Katherine Holzem, Vinod K. Ravikumar, Washington Univ, St Louis, MO; Bum-Rak Choi, Rhode Island Hosp and Warren Alpert Medical Sch of Brown Univ, Providence, RI; Richard B. Schuessler, Igor R Efimov, Washington Univ, St Louis, MO

Title: Structure-function of the Sinus Node: Implications for Source-sink Sino-atrial Matching  

Abstract Poster Session

Corinna N. Lang; Silke Jochem; Marius Menza; Gerlind Franke; Stefanie Perez Feliz; Michael Brunner; Gideon Koren; Manfred Zehender; Bernd A. Jung; Daniela Foell; Christoph Bode; Katja E. Odening, Heart Center Freiburg University, Department of Cardiology and Angiology I, Freiburg, Germany; Department of Radiology, Medical Physics, University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany; Cardiovascular Research Center, Division of Cardiology, Rhode Island Hospital, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, RI, USA

Title: Gender Differences and Sex Hormone Effects on Electro-Mechanical Cardiac Function in Transgenic Long-QT Type 2 Rabbits