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  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Studies for children and adolescents

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) affects approximately 1 in 200 children and adolescents. OCD is characterized by obsessions and/or compulsions that take up at least one hour per day and cause significant disruption in daily life.

    • Obsessions are persistent thoughts or images that cause worry and anxiety.
    • Compulsions are mental acts or repetitive behaviors performed in response to obsessions to prevent or relieve worry and anxiety.

    If these behaviors describe your child, he or she may be eligible to participate in ongoing assessment and treatment studies at the pediatric anxiety research clinic.

    Ongoing studies

    Rhode Island Hospital's pediatric anxiety research clinic is currently conducting a variety of treatment research studies related to child and adolescent OCD.

    Through the research studies, doctors at the clinic offer:

    • Treatment for OCD (using behavioral techniques) for children ages 5 to 8.
    • Treatment for OCD for children 7 to 17 who still have symptoms while on OCD medication.
    • Evaluation for possible penicillin maintenance treatment for OCD/tics in children whose symptoms have started, or gotten worse, with strep throat infections.
    • Complete anxiety disorders evaluation for children ages 5 to 17.
    • Compensation for time and/or parking validation.

    We are also looking for kids with or without anxiety disorders to learn more about how families interact.

    For more information about any of our services, please call 401-432-1468 or 401-432-1469.


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