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  • Autism Research Study

  • Researchers at the Infant Development Center at Bradley Hospital are investigating how children with autism and other developmental disabilities react to social events. The study will measure the child's heart rate while they engage in social events and interact with staff members at the center. Our center is affiliated with Brown University.

    What is involved?

    During the study, researchers will monitor the heart rate of children and videotape the children as they participate in a series of activities. The children will be monitored as they interact with our staff and as they socially play with toys.

    Who can participate?

    We are enrolling children between the ages of 3 and 6 who have either:

    • a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (for example, autism or pervasive development disorder, not otherwise specified)


    • cognitive and language delays with no diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder.

    For more information please call Ashley Johnson at 401-453-7960.

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