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  • When Does the Season of Giving Turn into One of Overindulgence?

  • When Does the Season of Giving Turn into One of Overindulgence?

    How can parents and teachers help to diminish the disappointment of children less fortunate?

    ChildrenTeachers should take the initiative in the classroom to help ensure that no one feels badly as a result of comparisons during the holiday season.

    Sutton says teachers should consider establishing a rule about holiday gifts, one that prohibits children from bringing toys or electronics into the classroom. She adds, "A note home to parents to remind them that everyone in the class comes from different socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as an open class discussion about this topic, can eliminate some of the discomfort that children may experience when they compare themselves to others."

    Both parents and teachers can work to make children aware of those who are less fortunate by teaching them about community outreach, tolerance for differences and an appreciation for what each individual child has to be thankful for. Again, raising funds, volunteering time and providing assistance to the needy are wonderful activities that parents and teachers can engage children in, while teaching them important lessons.

    Sutton also suggests that teachers could "recognize another winter holiday besides Christmas and Chanukah, that has less of a focus on gift giving. Looking to other countries and how they celebrate the coming of winter might ease the pressure on children who are less fortunate."

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