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    Chatting Tips

    • You must have a Twitter account to participate.

    • Log on to and search hashtag #HasbroDocChat or go to, and enter #HasbroDocChat.  

    • Be sure to include the hashtag in your tweet. ( will do this for you.)

    • Submit questions in advance through Twitter or Facebook.  

    • Chats last 30 minutes.

    • If you're not on Twitter, "like" us on Facebook to get chat transcripts.


    twitter logo Join us on the second Tuesday of every month for live Twitter chats with Hasbro Children's Hospital's doctors. Use hashtag #HasbroDocChat to join the conversation. Chats begin at 1 p.m.  

    Upcoming Chats

    Tuesday, August 13

    Stephanie Hartselle, MD, Director, Child Psychiatry Emergency Services at Hasbro Children's Hospital will discuss mental health emergencies and when to take your child to the emergency department.

    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get details on these future chat topics as they develop:

    • Getting Kids Active
    • Getting Ready for Back to School
    • Cold and Flu Season
    • Sports Injuries
    • Food Allergies and Gastrointestinal Issues
    • When to Take Your Child to the Emergency Room

    Transcripts From Past Twitter Chats

    Keeping Kids Safe and Active in Summer
    Physical therapists Eileen Tainsh and Jennifer Rebelo from the physical therapy department discuss summer safety.

    Keeping Kids Safe From Burns in Summer
    Dina Morrissey, MD talks about safety when using grills, campfire, fire pits and fireworks.

    Info and Tips on Kids and Nutrition
    A live Twitter chat with our wonderful registered dietitian Maria Santini.

    The Common Injuries for Kids in Spring
    Dina Morrissey, MD talks about open windows, bike safety and car seat safety and how to keep kids safe in this live Twitter chat.