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    The Miriam Hospital
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    Learn About Our Global AIDS Research

    The Fogarty AIDS International Training and Research Program (AITRP), funded by the National Institutes of Health – Fogarty International Center, is a collaboration among Brown University, Tufts University and The Miriam Hospital.
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  • Global and Local Health Programs

  • Infectious Diseases Global LandingPhysicians and researchers from the Division of Infectious Diseases are involved in programs around the world that seek to provide excellent medical care to patients and to address disparities in the provision of health care.

    Part of the division's mission is to advocate for underserved populations and to seek positive policy changes that benefit various groups in need of better health care.

    Expanding Our Medical Reach Globally

    The Division of Infectious Diseases’ many health partners include: 

    • The Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights seeks to advance the health and human rights of prisoners and other populations through research, education and advocacy. Learn more

    • The Global Health Initiative is a multidisciplinary effort to reduce health inequalities among underserved populations locally and worldwide through education, research, service and the development of partnerships. Learn more

    • Do One Thing brings a higher level of HIV testing and awareness, as well as hepatitis C testing, to one Philadelphia neighborhood. Learn more

    • HIV Care for Rural Women evaluates factors that impact adherence to HIV care and treatment among postpartum HIV-infected women in Mississippi and in Ghana. The program’s work is focused on extending care to women in difficult-to-reach locations.