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  • A Message from Timothy J. Babineau, MD, President and CEO

  • Timothy Babineau, MD Last week, many of you participated in the system-wide launch of Lifespan’s new brand mission: Lifespan. Delivering health with care. The feedback I have received so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of you have since seen some of the creative pieces (in print and on TV) communicating this new vision. Let me take a few minutes to be very candid about why this new brand mission should matter to each one of you.

    Any enterprise, great or small, old or new, rises and falls on its brand. Think Coca-Cola, Disney, Apple, LL Bean and Nike, to name a few. These companies developed strong brands and became widely known and respected not because they claimed to make great products. They became widely respected because they delivered on the promise of making great products each and every day. Constantly and consistently.

    Lifespan. Delivering health with care. This new brand mission is the promise we make to our community. And to keep that promise, the brand mission needs to live within each of us. You may be drawing blood, carrying trays of food, booking a follow-up appointment for a patient, on the phone with someone who has a billing issue, fixing a computer, getting a patient’s blood pressure, regulating the heat, ordering supplies or operating on a patient. No matter what our job is, we need to live the brand mission by putting our hearts and minds into everything we do. We interact with people when they are at their most vulnerable - and, therefore, the impact we have is magnified. If we are compassionate as well as expert, we can make someone’s day, raise their spirits, and instill a sense of hope in them. If we are thoughtless or uncaring, we can hurt them. I’ve said it before: As members of the Lifespan team, each one of you has the power to make a deep and lasting impact on another human being. That is a rare opportunity and one that should never be taken for granted.

    And that’s why I want this brand mission to matter to you—because what we do and how we do it are equally important. Both affect the lives of people who come to us for help. We want every person who seeks care from us to feel confident that we will help them and do so with great care. In so doing, we create a peace of mind that our patients and their families desperately crave. I know we have the talent, the expertise, and the technology to diagnose, treat and cure. In fact, in a recent survey, close to 90 percent of you said you would recommend a Lifespan facility to family and friends and more than 80 percent stated that you are proud to work here. We do important research, we pioneer new treatments, and we have highly competitive academic programs. We know that and we should be justifiably proud of it.

    Let the promise we make to our community of delivering health with care guide us in all that we do. Let it be the standard we live by and the standard that defines us. You believe that we provide the best care around and so do I. You are proud to work at Lifespan and so am I. So live the brand mission. Live it. Do it for yourself. Do it for your coworkers and your patients. Do it for your family and your neighbors. Because when the community experiences us living the brand mission, they will not hesitate when they need care. They will come to us. They will come to Lifespan knowing that Delivering health with care is more than mere words: It’s what we do and it’s what we stand for.

    In the steadfast pursuit of excellence, I remain,

    Sincerely yours,


    Timothy J. Babineau, MD  

    President, CEO of Lifespan

    President, Rhode Island Hospital