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    About Fire

    A fire is started by what firefighters call the "fire tetrahedron." It is referred to as a tetrahedron because four things are needed to start a fire:

    1. Fuel catches on fire
    2. Heat ignites the fuel
    3. Air, also known as oxygen, feeds the fire
    4. A chemical reaction keeps the fire going

    When these four things are present, a fire will occur. The fire will continue to burn until at least one of these components is gone.

    Fire is:

    • Fast
      In less than 30 seconds, a small fire can turn into a major fire. In a typical home fire, you may have as little as two minutes to escape once the smoke alarm sounds.
    • Hot
      Fires can make the air's temperature anywhere from several hundred degrees to over a thousand degrees. This heat can hurt you more than the actual flames.
    • Dark
      Fire makes the air very dark. You may not be able to see very far in front of you.
    • Dangerous
      Fire produces poisonous gases and smoke, which kill more people than flames do.

    Fires can kill-but the good news is that you can survive a fire. Reviewing the information on this site will help you keep yourself and your family safe and prepared if a fire starts in your home.

    Source: National Fire Protection Association

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