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  • The Physicians Office Building: Departments and Services

  • Departments and services in this building include:

    • Cardiac Clinic
    • Child and Family Psychiatry
    • Gastroenterology
    • Genetic Clinic
    • Health Connection/
      Physician Referral Service
    • Injury Prevention Center
    • Internal Medicine
    • Neurology
    • Neurosurgery
    • Pediatric Infectious Diseases
    • Pediatrics
    • Research
    • The Tomorrow Fund

    Physician groups located in this building include:

    • The Kids Health Team

    Physicians located in this building include:

    • Dianne Abuelo, MD, Genetics
    • Gyorgy Baffy, MD, Gastroenterology
    • Jose Behar, MD, Gastroenterology
    • John Bernardo, MD, Surgery
    • Andrew Bostom, MD, Internal Medicine
    • Kristin Bruning, MD, Child & Family Psychiatry
    • Sybil Cineas, MD, Medicine/Pediatrics
    • Louis Corvese, MD, Orthopedics
    • Ramy Eid, MD, Gastroenterology
    • Edward Feldmann, MD, Neurology
    • Guy Geffroy, MD, Neurology
    • Pierre Gholam, MD, Gastroenterology
    • Natalia Golova, MD, Pediatrics
    • Fadlallah Habr, MD, Gastroenterology
    • Horacio Hojman, MD, Child & Family Psychiatry
    • Jenifer Jaeger, MD, Pediatric Infectious Disease
    • Sripathi Kethu, MD, Gastroenterology
    • Steven LaRosa, MD, Infectious Disease
    • Phyllis Losikoff, MD, MPH, Pediatric Infectious Disease
    • Anthony Mansell, MD, Pediatric Pulmonary
    • Steven Moss, MD, Gastroenterology
    • Kittichai Promrat, MD, Gastroenterology
    • David Quigley, MD, Orthopedics
    • Harlan Rich, MD, Gastroenterology
    • Michael Schechter, MD, Pediatric Pulmonary
    • Catherine Smitas, MD, Internal Medicine
    • Richard Smith, MD, Child & Family Psychiatry
    • Andrew Snyder, MD, Pediatrics
    • Elizabeth Toll, MD, Medicine/Pediatrics
    • Jack Wands, MD, Gastroenterology

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