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  • Our Commitment: The Safety of Our Patients

  • by Timothy Babineau, MD, President and CEO, Rhode Island Hospital

    There is absolutely nothing more important to us, and no issue we consider more critical, than the safety and well being of our patients. We have made aggressive efforts to put the strongest, most effective policies in place to eliminate surgical errors. But if we are not just as aggressive about enforcing every single point of those policies-demanding 100 percent compliance every time, from every single staff member-we are falling short. And that's unacceptable.

    It is unacceptable precisely because we have a team of such highly qualified, board-certified, world-class surgeons, and a leadership team that is so profoundly committed to quality and patient safety. So that even minor errors are not only disheartening and, indeed, devastating to the patient and family, but extremely damaging to the morale of a generally excellent hospital staff and detrimental to the public's perception of the hospital.

    The bottom line is that mistakes should never happen. Even though we know that medical errors occur at all hospitals, each contributes to an erosion of the central, essential trust between patient and hospital.

    I have been a surgeon and an executive at several, nationally prominent hospitals over my 25 year career and the quality of care we deliver to our community here in Rhode Island is as good, if not better, than any place that I have ever worked.

    I take full and personal responsibility for directing a team of senior leaders at Rhode Island Hospital in identifying and resolving the challenges that still exist, and creating a plan of action aimed at rebuilding that trust, eliminating errors, and ensuring that all our patients, without fail, receive the highest quality and safest care available anywhere.