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  • Our Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission


    • Respect
      We will treat each person with whom we work and for whom we care with respect.
    • Honesty and Fairness
      We will be truthful and equitable in all our relationships.
    • Constant Pursuit of Quality
      We will continuously strive to achieve the best possible results.
    • Honoring
      We will honor our Jewish heritage.
    • Stewardship of Resources
      We will manage our financial resources to enhance patient outcomes.


    The Miriam Hospital will be accomplishing its mission when it is recognized for:

    • Safety
      Recognizing that patients entrust us with their lives, we take all measures to safeguard them from harm while in our care.
    • Excellence
      Embracing the value and contribution of each individual to create an environment of excellence.
    • Education and Research
      Advancing the care we provide through education and pursuit of new knowledge.
    • Spirituality
      Attending to all the dimensions of the human spirit which impact our work.
    • Collaboration
      Seeking opportunities to collaborate with one another, our Lifespan partners and other health care and business leaders.