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  • Common Billing Questions

    • What do I need to know about my insurance policy?
      Information about insurance
    • How can I get an itemized bill?
      Call patient financial services at 444-6966 or 800-884-6966.
    • What is an "EOB"?
      EOB stands for "explanation of benefits." It is NOT a bill; it simply explains your insurance coverage.
    • Why doesn't my insurance cover everything?
      Not all insurance policies are the same. You should check with your insurance company to see what your particular policy covers.
    • Why do I have to give my coverage information more than once?
      Although this may seem repetitive, we may not always have your most recent insurance and/or personal information.
    • If I am not asked about my insurance, should I still give it?
      Absolutely! For the hospital to bill appropriately we need your correct insurance information.
    • Will I be charged for a private room?
      Yes, there is an additional charge for a private room and a deposit is required. It is a good idea to call your insurance company prior to your visit to see if it will be covered. If a private room is medically necessary and ordered by your physician, you will not be charged for a private room.

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