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  • Taking an Active Role in Your Care

  • "They encourage you to ask questions so you're comfortable with everything you're experiencing."
    - Walter Krochmal,
    hip replacement patient

    You are a partner with our staff in improving your health and well being. We hope you will feel comfortable asking questions and sharing your concerns.

    Please review our health care checklist:

    1. Make sure all medicines you take are intended for you. Your nurse should check your identity by looking at your wristband before giving any medicine. Before the nurse administers the medicine, ask the nurse the name of the medicine. Your medication schedule while you are in the hospital, which is ordered by your physician, may differ slightly from your schedule at home.
    2. Make sure those caring for you have washed their hands. Hand washing is important to prevent the spread of infection.
    3. If you are having surgery, make sure you and your doctor are clear about the details of the procedure. Write down all your questions so you remember to ask them during the visit with your physician.
    4. Understand your treatment plan and what you should and should not do when you return home. Ask questions and repeat the answers back to your caregivers to ensure that you understand. All too often miscommunication and misunderstanding occurs on the part of both physicians and patients. Make sure your caregiver at home understands the treatment plan and is able to take care of your health needs. If not, please tell your nurse or case manager.
    5. Be sure to share your important health information with all health professionals involved in your care. Keep a copy of your health history, including prior illnesses, tests and test results, surgeries, medicines and other treatments. Share it with your health care provider.
    6. Find out why a test or treatment is required. Ask about the results of your tests. If you don't receive your test results within the timeframe your doctor advised, ask your nurse.

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