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    Your physician is a member of the medical or dental staff of The Miriam Hospital. He or she may be assisted in caring for you by members of the hospital house staff, nurse practitioners and hospitalists (physicians based at the hospital who coordinate your hospital care with your primary care physician). 

    The Miriam Hospital has been affiliated with Brown University’s medical school since 1969 and also participants in corporative programs with colleges and universities here and abroad. The Miriam’s house staff consists of medical school graduates who are qualified physicians receiving their postgraduate training at the hospital. Members of the house staff may work with your physician to plan the best possible care for you. They may, at the discretion of your physician, be responsible for carrying out your physician’s orders for your treatment. 

    Members of the house staff keep constant watch over your condition and will notify your physician of any significant changes in your condition. In addition to house staff, individuals studying medicine will also be involved in your care. These men and women, who have been carefully selected for admission to The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, help make the medical environment at The Miriam Hospital a stimulating and empathetic one. The special attention and competent care you receive from these professional men and women is one of the distinct advantages of a teaching hospital.

    Read more about our partnership with The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Nursing Staff

    tmh-servi-nursi-image-59152-05_o The nursing staff at The Miriam Hospital consists of more than 700 registered nurses. You can feel confident that our nursing staff will provide you with the highest quality care. In fact, The Miriam Hospital is the only hospital in New England that has received the four-year Magnet Award for Excellence in Nursing four times. The Magnet award recognizes The Miriam Hospital to be a model of top quality nursing care and excellence in nursing leadership. 

    A registered nurse will develop a plan of care based on your needs. Depending on your needs, a care manager may also be assigned to you. On a daily basis, your nurse—and case manager, if assigned—will coordinate the activities of your health care team.

    Learn more about Magnet status

    Taking an Active Role in Your Care

    You are a partner with our staff in improving your health and well-being. We hope you will feel comfortable asking questions and sharing your concerns.

    Please review our health care checklist:

    Make sure all medicines you take are intended for you.

    Your nurse will check your identity by looking at your wristband before giving you any medications. Before the nurse administers the medicine, ask the nurse the name of the medicine. Please be aware that while you are in the hospital, your medication schedule, which is ordered by your physician, may differ slightly from your schedule at home.

    Make sure those caring for you have cleaned their hands.

    To prevent the spread of infection, members of your health care team wash their hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers before entering and upon leaving your room.

    If you are having surgery, make sure you understand the details of the procedure.

    Write down all your questions so you remember to ask them during the visit with your physician.

    Understand your treatment plan and what you should and should not do when you return home.

    Ask questions and repeat the answers to your caregivers to ensure that you understand. All too often, miscommunication and misunderstanding occur on the part of both physicians and patients. Make sure your caregiver at home understands the treatment plan and is able to take care of your health needs. If not, please tell your nurse or case manager.

    Be sure to share your important health information with all health professionals involved in your care.

    Keep a copy of your health history, including prior illnesses, tests and test results, surgeries, medicines and other treatments. Share it with your health care provider.

    Find out why a test or treatment is required.

    Ask about the results of your tests. If you don’t receive your test results within the timeframe your doctor advised, ask your nurse. In certain circumstances, when a patient is confused or disoriented, a family member or companion is encouraged to stay throughout the night.


    Our Miriam Hospital volunteers make a difference in the lives and spirits of our patients, staff and visitors. We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers who donate their time to help others. 

    Volunteers provide supplementary assistance in numerous departments throughout the hospital. Whether they are updating family members on a patient's status, directing phone calls or greeting patients, caring is the most important service they perform. Through volunteering, they demonstrate their concern by giving of their time and themselves. It's just one of the many valuable ways that past patients, family members and friends have shown their gratitude to The Miriam Hospital. 

    If you are positive, caring, sensitive, energetic and have a strong commitment to outstanding customer service, please feel free to join us at an informational session. The manager of volunteers will also be glad to discuss our volunteer program with you. For more information, please call 793-2510 (internally dial ext. 3-2510)

    Learn more about volunteering at The Miriam Hospital.