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  • Facts and Statistics (FY 2012)

  • A comprehensive statistical and financial performance listing is available in our most recent Annual Report.

    Year founded: 1931

    Employees: 973

    Affiliated physicians: 106

    Licensed beds: 60

    Patient care

    Patient discharges: 1,493

    Home health care visits: 11,328

    Outpatient visits: 15,529

    Financials ($ in thousands)

    Total assets: $123,688

    Net patient service revenue: $69,584

    Research funding revenue: $4,187

    Total cost of charity care and other community benefits ($ in thousands)

    Charity care: $625

    Medical education, net: $1,505

    Research: $938

    Subsidized health services: $3,966

    Community health improvement services and community benefit operations: $105

    Total cost of charity care and other community benefits: $7,139

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