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  • Lifespan Executive Management

  • Timothy J. Babineau, MD Timothy J. Babineau, MD
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Kenneth Arnold Kenneth E. Arnold
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel
    Cathy Duquette, PhD, RN Cathy Duquette, PhD, RN
    Executive Vice President, Nursing Affairs
    Crista Durand Crista Durand
    President, Newport Hospital
    Richard Goldberg, MD Richard J. Goldberg, MD
    Senior Vice President, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
    Richard Leclerc, President, Gateway Healthcare Richard Leclerc
    President, Gateway Healthcare
    Karen Rosene Montella, MD Karen Rosene Montella, MD
    Senior Vice President, Women's Services and Clinical Integration
    Mark Montella Mark Montella
    Senior Vice President, External Affairs
    John Murphy, MD John Murphy, MD
    Executive Vice President, Physician Affairs
    Cedric Priebe MD Cedric J. Priebe, MD
    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    Arthur Sampson Arthur Sampson
    President, The Miriam Hospital
    Peter Snyder, PhD Peter Snyder, PhD
    Senior Vice President, Chief Research Officer
    Margaret Van Bree, DrPH Margaret Van Bree, MHA, DrPH
    President, Rhode Island Hospital
    Daniel Wall Daniel Wall
    President, Bradley Hospital
    Mamie Wakefield Mamie Wakefield
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer