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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Your Bill

    • How can I get an itemized bill?
      Call patient financial services at 401-444-6966 (from outside the local area, 800-884-6966).

    • What does my bill look like?
      A diagram explaining how to read your bill can be found on the back side of your bill. See an example.

    • What is an EOB?
      EOB stands for explanation of benefits. It is not a bill; it simply explains your insurance coverage.

    • Could I receive more than one bill for my hospital stay?
      Yes. You could receive a number of bills along with your hospital bill.

    • Why doesn't my insurance cover everything?
      Not all insurance policies are the same; your coverage depends on your particular insurance plan. Your plan could have co-payments or deductibles that are your responsibility. You should check with your insurance company to see what is and what is not covered.

    • Why does it take so long for the hospital to send me a bill for balances?
      The hospital must bill your insurance company prior to billing you. The process could take months to complete.

    • Do you offer any kind of financial assistance?
      Yes. We offer financial assistance to patients who meet specific income guidelines. Apply now.

    • Why do I have to give my coverage more than once?
      We might not always have your most recent coverage or updated information.

    • If I am not asked about my insurance, should I still give it?
      Absolutely! For the hospital to bill appropriately and receive payment, we need your correct insurance information.

    • Will I be charged for a private room?
      Yes, there is an additional charge for a private room and a deposit is required. It is a good idea to call your insurance company prior to your hospital visit to see if the charge will be covered. If a private room is medically necessary and ordered by your physician, you will not be charged.

    • How and where can I pay my bill?
      You can pay your bill online with a credit card or our hospitals accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. You can send payment in the envelope that accompanies your or bill.