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    About Feeds

    Where to begin

    Subscribing to a news feed allows you to get the news you want delivered to your computer without having to visit the site it comes from. When you subscribe to a feed, the news is updated on your computer as it is updated on the website. In order to get your news delivered, you will need to have a program that tracks the feeds for you.

    Feed Problems

    Does the feed look funny?

    If you are seeing a page full of code when you click on the feed links, you may be using an older browser that doesn't support feeds.

    Two possible fixes:

    1. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may want to update your browser to the most recent version.
    2. If you have a feed reading program (see above) that you use to see other feeds, open that program and add the feed that you want. These are the links for our feeds that you can type or cut and paste into your feed reader:
      • Lifespan news:
      • Rhode Island Hospital news:
      • Hasbro Children's Hospital news:
      • The Miriam Hospital news:
      • Bradley Hospital news:
      • Newport Hospital news:
      • Research news:

    If you are still having problems, please send us an email at

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