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    Contact us about any safety issue or concern you may have about care at our hospitals.

    At Lifespan's affiliated hospitals, the safety and the well being of our patients comes first. We accomplish this by offering the best care possible to our patients and by putting systems into place that help to further protect patients from medical errors, minimizing the risks of wrong site surgeries, infections and other adverse outcomes that might arise.

    Our staff members, experts in their fields, monitor all aspects of patient safety at each hospital. On this website you will learn about the safety initiatives we have instituted on our patients' behalf.

    At Lifespan, we work together as a team, and we measure our progress against local and national standards to ensure that we remain the best in our profession, and achieve our goals. As evidence of our successes in these areas, we aggregate and publish data that demonstrates these achievements, and we make this information available to the public.

    We invite you to learn about our patient safety programs, our successes and our goals. Because we consider these to be ongoing initiatives, we consistently strive to make improvements. We welcome our patients to turn to the frequently asked questions section on this website. If, upon reviewing this section, you find that you have additional questions, please contact us directly. We will respond to all areas of your concern.

    Learn more about how we are working to keep our patients safe