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  • Get the most out of your medication

  • Know Your Drugs

    Be in the know about what you're taking. Ask your pharmacist:

    1. The medication's trade name and generic name.
    2. How the drug works-the general effect it has on the body and how that effect is achieved.
    3. How you should take it. For example, some prescriptions need to be taken on a full stomach, some can't be taken with coffee or tea, etc.
    4. When you should take it and what to do if you should accidentally skip a dose.
    5. How to store it. For example, some medications should not be exposed to light for long periods of time and others must be kept refrigerated.
    6. Interactions of the new prescription with other prescriptions you are currently taking. You should also ask about interactions with any herbal supplements, over-the-counter medications or vitamins you are taking. Get an overview of all of the possible interactions the drug may have, including interactions with food and drinks like alcohol, tea and coffee. If you are a smoker, ask about the drug's interaction with nicotine.
    7. For an information sheet about the medication or a reliable resource you can refer to when you arrive home.
    8. Your pharmacist's phone number if you have any questions.