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  • Quality Care at Hasbro Children's Hospital

  • 24-Hour Unplanned Readmission Rate to PICU (age 0 to 17 years)

  • The number of patients readmitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) within 24 hours of discharge from PICU divided by the number of discharges (excluding those patients transferred temporarily by plan) as a percentage.

    Why Is This Measure Important?

    Readmission is when patients who have had a stay in PICU and transferred to another level of care or discharged return to PICU for further treatment. The readmission can be for the same condition or a different condition. Readmission may indicate a relapse or unresolved condition requiring further treatment. The information below shows how often patients are readmitted within 24 hours compared to national rates.

    What the Scores Mean

    A lower percentage, or score, is good because it means fewer patients returned to PICU for additional treatments. However, a higher score does not necessarily indicate poor care. You should consider the overall quality of a facility in addition to individual category scores.

    24-Hour Unplanned Readmissions Rate

    • Hasbro Children's Hospital: 1.28%
    • National Average: 0.72%