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  • Percent of Surgery Patients Needing Hair Removed from the Surgical Area Before Surgery Who Had Hair Removed Using a Safer Method (Electric Clippers or Hair Removal Cream, Not a Razor)

  • For those patients who needed to have hair removed to prepare for surgery, this measure tells how often one of the safer methods was used (electric clippers or hair removal cream).

    Why Is This Treatment Important?

    Preparing a patient for surgery may include removing body hair from skin in the area where the surgery will be done. Medical research has shown that shaving with a razor can increase the risk of infection. It is safer to use electric clippers or hair removal cream.

    What the Scores Mean

    Higher percentages are better.

  • Percent of Surgery patients needing hair removed from the surgical area before surgery, who had hair removed using ...

  • About the Data

    The data on this site is reported to the Department of Health and Human Services and is updated on a quarterly basis. It represents patient care data from July 2010 through June 2011, which was released in May 2012. The explanation of the data is courtesy of the Department of Health and Human Services. For more information, please visit the Hospital Compare website.