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  • For more information about the cancer registry and the Comprehensive Cancer Center, please call (toll free)

    Medical staff members who are gathering statistics for any work requiring cancer data may call the following numbers:

    • Rhode Island Hospital

    • The Miriam Hospital

    • Newport Hospital

  • The Comprehensive Cancer Center Cancer Data Registry

  • The cancer data registry is an oncology information system for collecting, managing and analyzing medical data of people who at any time in their lives have been diagnosed with cancer.

    Data are collected for education, lifetime patient follow-up, research and approval of cancer programs, and are maintained by the National Cancer Institute and for Rhode Island by the state Department of Health. These data are important to patients, to physicians and to the ongoing research that will one day find a cure for cancer.

    The registry is an essential component of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital and Newport Hospital and is valuable to each hospital's approved cancer programs. It is also available to provide to the medical staff the statistics they need for any effort that requires cancer data. The database facilitates the collection, analysis and dissemination of data on cancer and contains information about cancer site, stage, histology, treatment, survival and epidemiological characteristics.

    Working closely with the American College of Surgeons (ACoS), we maintain the data in accordance with quality and confidentiality standards, and we provide information to our researchers, administrators and clinicians. An ACoS approved cancer program indicates that the hospital has met rigorous accreditation standards, set by its state and local regulatory agencies, for an approved cancer program.