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  • Wireless Technology

  • All clinical areas in Lifespan hospitals have wireless capabilities, allowing patient care to be delivered anytime, anywhere. Hundreds of devices are in use, including wireless laptops, tablets and personal digital assistants (PDAs). For instance, physicians can place orders at a patient's bedside, and the orders are immediately transmitted to the pharmacy. Within 12 minutes, a prescription is approved, a process that used to take two hours. Physicians are able to access patient information whether in the hospital, at their private offices, or from home.

    These wireless capabilities extend into the operating room suites and surgical areas, where surgeons can view diagnostic images on moveable PC wall mounts, eliminating hazardous cables.

    Another example of wireless technology, the Vocera wireless communications system, is transforming the way nurses communicate. In use on select units at Rhode Island Hospital, the Vocera Communications Badge enables staff to have hands-free conversations via a lightweight device that can be clipped to a shirt pocket or worn on a lanyard. Staff can have instant two-way conversations without holding handsets. The device also eliminates the need for overhead pages, reducing the noise in patient areas.

    Lifespan's wireless network is part of a tour for prospective residents, and numerous residents have cited technology as a reason for choosing Lifespan hospitals.