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  • Blood Donations

  • Your child may need a blood transfusion due to surgery or because of blood loss, anemia or other medical problems.

    Hasbro Children's Hospital receives its blood supply from the Rhode Island Blood Center, a non-profit agency that supplies blood to many local hospitals. Blood is thoroughly screened. All donations are tested for infectious diseases (including AIDS and hepatitis), and all needles and collection materials are sterilized and disposed of properly.

    If you know in advance that your child will require a blood transfusion, it may be possible for your child to donate his or her own blood. Friends or family members may be able to donate for your child if their blood is the same type. Arrangements for this type of donation must take place several weeks in advance, and should be coordinated with your child's physician and the Rhode Island Blood Center. For more information, contact the Rhode Island Blood Center at 401-453-8360.
    More about the Rhode Island Blood Center

    For parents who wish to avoid a blood transfusion for their child, the hospital's bloodless medicine and surgery program offers a variety of options. For further information, please call 401-444-4800.

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