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  • Pastoral and Spiritual Care: Clergy and Chaplain Teams

  • At Hasbro Children's Hospital, we have chaplaincy teams and clergy to make sure the spiritual and religious needs of our patients and their families are met. The pastoral care team at Hasbro Children's Hospital is affiliated with Interfaith Healthcare Ministries.

    • A chapel for people of all religious beliefs is located on the upper lobby level of Hasbro Children's Hospital. Another is located near the lobby of the Rhode Island Hospital Main Building. The chapel is always open for meditation and prayer. If you would like privacy, feel free to close the door to the chapel. Please leave the door open when you leave.
    • Our Catholic chaplaincy team is funded by the Diocese of Providence. The team provides 24-hour presence for our Catholic patients, their families and staff. Holy Communion is available to patients during their hospital stay. Eucharistic ministers assist in making Communion available daily and/or on Sundays. To request Communion, please call 401-444-4627. Also, our team offers the sacrament of anointing at any time. To request anointing, please call 401-444-4627, or contact our hospital switchboard at 401-444-5616. The switchboard is able to reach a member of the Catholic chaplaincy team 24 hours a day. A Catholic mass is celebrated in the Hasbro Children's Hospital chapel at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays and at 12 p.m. on holy days of obligation.
    • Our Protestant chaplaincy team is a volunteer team of chaplains that has been endorsed by the Rhode Island State Council of Churches. It consists of local ministers trained in hospital chaplaincy. To request a visit, call the hospital switchboard at 401-444-5616.
    • The Episcopal chaplain is in the hospital three afternoons during the week and is on call 24 hours a day. Communion is given on request by calling 401-683-1176.
    • For our patients and their families who are Jewish, a rabbi is available upon request by calling 401-444-5616.
    • For other denominations: a chaplain is in the hospital for a few hours each day to minister to patients on behalf of all denominations. Another is on-call 24 hours a day. Please call 401-444-5616.

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