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  • Your Child's Stay

  • We encourage you to be honest with your child about staying in the hospital. Explain why the hospital visit is necessary and what your child can expect during his or her stay. Let your child know that you will be there whenever you can and that the hospital staff really cares.

    To help your child, you can also talk about some of the recreational things available at the hospital, including the playroom, games, activities and hospital school. If you have other children at home, they may worry about their brother's or sister's hospital stay. Be sure they also understand what is happening, and let them know they are welcome to visit. If you plan to bring a child under the age of five, please talk to your child's nurse before bringing them in.

    As a parent, you may have many questions.

    • Medications
      While staying in the hospital, do not give your child any medication that he or she had been taking at home, including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and herbal remedies. All medicine your child takes in the hospital is prescribed by your child's doctor, prepared by registered pharmacists and administered by our nursing staff. It is important that your child's medical care is well coordinated.
    • Identification Bracelets
      Your child will wear an identification bracelet during his or her stay. This bracelet contains important information and must not be removed until your child leaves the hospital. The child's parent or guardian also must wear an identification bracelet. Wearing the bracelet will allow you to enter the hospital or your child's room at any time of day or night. Please wear the bracelet until your child leaves the hospital.
    • Personal Items
      While your child is staying with us, we will provide pajamas, slippers, a toothbrush and toothpaste. If your child feels more comfortable in his or her own nightclothes or wants to use a toothbrush from home, you may bring them. We encourage you to bring a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, doll or other personal item for your child. These special reminders of home are very comforting to children. Please try to keep track of these items when the room is being cleaned.