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  • Beware of Bivalves

  • Oysters are filter feeders.Filter feeders are the culprits in some of the worst forms of food poisoning. These shellfish draw water in and filter their food from it. In the process, they may ingest poison-producing algae.

    Food poisoning from shellfish can be fatal. Brush up on your bivalves and reduce your risk. 

    Can be affected 
    (filter feeders):
    • clams
    • oysters
    • quahogs
    • mussels
    • scallops
    Won't be affected
    (non-filter feeders):
    • lobsters
    • crabs
    • shrimp

    Protect Yourself

    If you are unsure of where a shellfish has come from, don't eat it. No amount of cooking will make it safe.

    Feeling clammy?

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