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  • servi-emerg-artic-water-58343-sun120hBeaches are synonymous with summertime. Here are tips to help you ride the waves without worry:

    • Only swim at beaches with lifeguards present.

    • Catch a weather report before you go out. Stay out of the water if strong winds or a storm is predicted.

    • Pay attention to where you are on the beach. Stay within the sights of a lifeguard and within the area designated for swimmers.

    • Follow all beach rules and regulations. They're there for your protection.

    • If you use floatation devices, take care to always be in control of them. You don't want to drift far from shore.

    • Currents can change quickly. If you are not an expert swimmer, stay close to shore or in waist-level water.

    • Be on guard for large waves, rip tides/undertows and hazardous animals, such as jellyfish.

    If you see someone drowning:  

    • Alert a lifeguard immediately.
    • Depending upon how close the person is, throw a floatable object to them, or extend a rope or a pole to them and pull them to safety.
    • If you are a good swimmer and a lifeguard is not available, enter the water, and bring a floatation device strong enough to support you both. Position the device so that it stays between you.

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