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  • The 12 Ways to Trimness

  • The holiday season is fraught with tasty temptation from egg nogs to Yule logs (especially those made of chocolate and cherries). Here are 12 ways to make it to the new year without looking as though you're hiding a partridge in a pear tree under your shirt.

    1. Have a plan. Think about your personal food weaknesses. Jot down solutions you can follow.
    2. Don't go on a diet. Be realistic: forget about trying to lose weight now. Just maintaining your weight over the holiday period is challenge enough.
    3. A bit will suffice. Enjoy traditional treats in moderation so you don't feel deprived.
    4. Increase exercise. Additional workouts remind you to keep you focused on your long-term goal of weight control. It also gives you an energy boost.
    5. Set priorities. Accept invitations to events you truly want to attend; decline the others.
    6. Create new traditions. Take away food as the main attraction. Organize a tag football game; cut your own tree at a farm; go caroling or light up your neighborhood with luminaria.
    7. Bring food. Going to a party? Take a guilt-free platter of cut vegetables with a low-fat dip.
    8. Host a party. Make healthy appetizers: fruit kabobs, sliced bagels with smoked salmon, grilled shrimp with spicy cocktail sauce, and fat-free bean dip with baked tortilla chips.
    9. Avoid stress. If you seek solace in food when times get tough, stay away from situations that might make you dash for the fridge.
    10. Watch what you drink. Stick with flavored sparkling water, tea, coffee or diet soda. Even punch packs calories.
    11. Average your calories. Balance food intake by eating lightly before and a after a big meal.
    12. Reward yourself. Buy a great new outfit for New Year's Eve.

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