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  • Hurting to Be "Perfect": The Risks of a  Negative Self-Image

    Experts at the Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center have found that any change in a teen's prior functioning can be a sign of a problem. When a teenager no longer want to socialize and isolates him or herself from others, this is an example of a serious "red flag."

    Other red flags include:

    • Becoming extremely preoccupied with appearance to the exclusion of other activities
    • Engaging in rituals (such as frequent mirror checking and rechecking) which takes away from participation in normal activities
    • Negative statements such as "I am so ugly" or "I am no good at this."
    • Giving up on activities and/or schoolwork due to the belief that it is "hopeless" and there is "no point in trying"

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    Hurting to be Perfect