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  • Beating the School Blues: After-school Safety

  • Walking home

    If your kids walk home from school, arrange for them to walk with one or more schoolmates. Teach kids to: 

    • take care when crossing streets (look both ways, always use crosswalks and don't cross between cars)
    • steer clear of strangers
    • avoid less-populated streets

    Some experts recommend varying routes if possible every once in a while. Explore other options if walking home makes your child uncomfortable or uneasy.

    Riding home

    Kids should pay attention to directions from the bus driver and bus aide at all times. Teach kids not to pick up any objects they may drop while getting on or off the school bus.

    Home alone

    Children over the age of ten should be able to carry the house key with them. For younger children, it's best not to leave it on the property, but with a reliable neighbor. If that's not possible, hide the key in the backyard, out of sight. It's a good idea to  keep the location of the key a "family secret." 

    Once inside, the child should call someone, either the parent or grandparent, to let them know they are safe.