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  • Beating the School Blues: Homework Without Tears

  • Homework is a child's first step in being accountable for his or her own responsibilities. Here are tips to keep homework time tear-free:

    • Find the right time-Set aside a time for homework that can be changed with the seasons. During the winter, it's usually best if children can play for a while before it gets dark. In spring, homework time could be set either before or after dinnertime.
    • Find the right place-A quiet place without distractions is important. The kitchen table probably isn't the best spot in the middle of dinner preparation.
    • Strike a balance-As kids get older, parents should offer encouragement, but be less involved in helping. As the day winds down, don't forget to spend that "quality time" with your child. It's just as important to schedule quiet talks and together time as it is to keep on a routine.