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  • Beating the School Blues: Stress-free Mornings

  • The night before...

    Stress-free mornings begin on the previous day. As much as possible, get ready the night before:

    • Pick out clothing
    • Get backpacks ready
    • Gives baths at night-Baths help settle kids down for bedtime, and there's less juggling for the bathroom in the morning.

    Relieve Lunch Box Stress-Get boxes ready the night before, too. Also, take the kids food shopping to help choose items they like. Don't worry if your eight-year-old only wants cheese sandwiches every day for a month. It's typical for children to get attached to a single food for a while. 
    PS: Put a love note inside. They may say it's embarrassing, but kids love to know Mom cares.

    Rise and Shine

    It's also a good idea for parents to get up first and allow for varying wake-up times to meet each family member's personality. Some kids need more time waking up than others.