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  • Articles and Tips: Winter Survival Guide

  • Don't Slip and Slide

  • Some timely tips to weather the next few months: Because bones thin as we age, especially in older women, falling is a serious health hazard and icy surfaces increase the risk.

    Before you tackle the outdoors, gently stretch. As we age, our muscles' connective tissues become shorter and tighter, especially if we are sedentary. Stretching preserves range of motion, maintains joint flexibility, prevents injury during sports or exercise, and gets your muscles warm and ready for exercise. Ask your physician to recommend stretches for your level of fitness or medical condition.

    Shoes can make a big difference on the ice.

    • If you have poor circulation or loss of feeling, you may improve traction and footing with thin-soled shoes, which give a better sense of the surface underneath.
    • If arthritis and sore joints are a problem, thicker, softer soles can cushion the impact of walking.
    • A sturdy, low-heeled shoe is usually best.