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  • Articles and Tips: Winter Survival Guide

  • The Coolest Thing Going

  • Skiing

    This is a good thing to know if you plan to indulge in our exercise of the season. Downhill skiing burns a whopping 600 calories per hour-whether you're a beginner or a pro. But skiing didn't get to be the second most popular winter sport because it keeps you fit. Ask anyone at Yawgoo how it feels to down a glistening white slope, and you'll discover that skiing is the coolest thing going.

    Beginner tips

    • If you've never strapped on a pair of skis and have spent the last few months being a couch potato, keep in mind that novices are twice as likely to be injured as advanced skiers.
    • Being in good shape reduces the risk of injury, as does being under 40.
    • Advanced skiers also know how to fall: Keep your knees flexed and your arms in front of you. Don't try to get up until you've completely stopped moving unless you're in danger of hitting another skier or an object.