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  • Articles and Tips: Winter Survival Guide

  • Tips for Avoiding Sledding Accidents

  • Each winter, both Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children's Hospital see increased numbers of adults and children come through the emergency department doors with weather-related injuries. The Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital urges parents and children to use caution and stay safe when taking part in outdoor winter activities by following these safety tips:

    • Parents should always inspect the sledding hill carefully. The hill should be smooth and not too steep. It should also be free of obstacles such as trees and rocks. It is very important that the hill have a long, clear run off at the end.
    • Sleds that have some type of steering mechanism are safest. Never use a sled substitute, such as a cafeteria tray.
    • Never sled towards a road or pond.
    • Always slide feet first, one person at a time.
    • Children should dress appropriately and always wear a helmet.

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