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  • ARTS Emergency Health Care Options

    • First Aid at HomeTreat Yourself at Home
      More than 80 percent of all health problems are cared for in the home. Know how to recognize common health problems, what to do when they occur and how to prevent health problems from recurring. At-home first aid tips
    • Consult Self Care Handbook
      Handbooks contain a wealth of information that can help you treat many health care issues at home, with safe expert advice. With its comprehensive index, a self care handbook lists most health problems which may be treated at home, as well as advice on when to seek medical attention. These handbooks may be obtained at bookstores or your health plan may provide them.
    • Call Your Primary Care Physician
      Your primary care physician can help you decide the best approach to a plan of care for your medical situation. It is important to establish a good relationship with your own doctor, to ensure he or she is completely familiar with you and any of your medical conditions.
    • Go to the Emergency Room
      Visiting the emergency room can be a frightening experience, but with a little preparation and close contact with your primary care physician, you will be able to maximize the services provided in a time of need.