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  • Hantavirus Safe Cleaning Tips

  • If you are cleaning a garage, attic or any other area where they might be rodents, always err on the side of caution. Reduce your chances of contracting a rodent-borne illness by practicing safe cleaning tips:

    • Air out the area for at least a day before you begin to clean it; open all windows and other entrances.
    • Wet the area down with detergent or a liquid disinfectant before cleaning. A solution of 1 cups bleach in 1 gallon of water will also do the trick.
    • Don't sweep or vacuum; hantavirus is commonly contracted by breathing airborne particles. Instead, use damp mops and cloths where appropriate.
    • Wear gloves while cleaning. Before taking them off, disinfect the gloves with cleaning solution. After taking them off, wash your hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water. More about proper hand washing techniques
    • If you find a dead rodent, spray it with disinfectant, double-bag it and either bury it or dispose of it in an appropriate waste disposal system. Call your state's Department of Health for advice if you are unsure about disposal regulations. If you catch a rodent in a trap, disinfect the trap as well.
    • Make sure to continue to keep the area clean to discourage mice from moving in.
    • Call an exterminator for professional help if you suspect the problem is too much for you to handle safely. Signs of a major rodent problem include frequently seeing mice or finding many droppings, sites of chewing or nesting material.


    Source: CDC