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  • Here's another reason to avoid ticks: cases of the tick-borne disease, babesiosis, have also occurred in Rhode Island.

    Babesiosis, which is rarer than Lyme disease and can be fatal, is caused by a parasite carried by deer and rodent ticks. The parasite infects the red blood cells, causing anemia. Infection is more common in those who have a compromised immune system or who have had their spleen removed.


    Symptoms may take up to one year to appear, and some individuals infected with the disease do not show any symptoms at all. Signs of babesiosis include:

    • fever
    • fatigue
    • lack of appetite
    • fever
    • body aches
    • headache


    A course of antibiotics and medications used to treat malaria has been effective in treating the disease. There is no standard treatment for babesiosis.

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