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  • ARTS Poisonous Plant Tips


    • wash the area with soap and water
    • if a rash appears, apply ice to relieve the itching. 
    • If you believe your child has eaten berries, flowers or leaves, call the regional Poison Control and Prevention Hotline at 1-800-682-9211.

    When you call the hotline, have the following information ready:

    • the child's age and weight
    • a description of the plant
    • the time it was swallowed
    • how much the child may have swallowed

    Do not induce vomiting unless instructed to do so. If hotline professionals recommend bringing the child to the emergency room, bring a clipping from the plant if possible.

    The best advice, however, is to teach your child to avoid those plants that are dangerous to touch, to resist the urge to taste even the most delicious looking berries and sweet smelling flowers-and to teach yourself the names of all that grows in your yard. 

    Familiarizing yourself with trees, shrubs and flowers may mean avoiding an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. And should your child require medical attention, you will be able to provide vital information to health care workers.

    Brush up on your botany:view the slide show

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    If a child has been exposed to poison ivy oak or stinging nettle: