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  • Asthma and Sports: Preparing Your Child for a Healthy Season

  • Your Most Valuable Player

    Sitting the bench during a sport can affect your child's self-esteem and make them vulnerable to teasing by other kids. If your child can't actively participate, they should be encouraged to do other things relating to the sport, such as keeping score or helping with equipment.

    To help reduce the chances of your child having an attack while playing sports, it's a good idea to speak with your child's coach about:

    • What can trigger an attack. It is important to let your child's coach know what is likely to set off an attack. By knowing this information, the coach can plan ahead and schedule practices indoors if cold air or freshly cut grass causes your child to wheeze and cough.
    • Using medications. Your child should always have access to their medications during games and practices. Set aside a place to store these medications and make sure the ones for emergency use are readily accessible.
    • Adjusting practice time. Your child's teacher or coach can help reduce the chances of an attack by adjusting exercise time during practice. Let the coach know if your child might benefit from longer warm-up or cool-down periods or should walk instead of run.

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