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  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide: Alcohol and Drug Abuse

  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide:
    Alcohol and Drug Abuse

    Alcohol and Drugs
    Can Destroy a Family

    While much is written and aired on TV about alcohol and drugs, most families are surprisingly unprepared to deal with problems of misuse and abuse in their families because there is a stigma attached to anyone with a drug or alcohol problem. Many parents feel that "normal" families don't have these problems, or that they have failed as parents if their child has a problem. Parents might repress their fears or deny real problems.

    You Can Count on Bradley

    Bradley Hospital's main concern is for the emotional well-being of children and their families.

    Professional staff members can evaluate or treat all types of disorders, including alcohol and drug use and abuse and concurrent emotional disorders. The whole family is encouraged to participate in all phases of treatment.

    There are many community service options, as well. Bradley will act as a liaison with them on your behalf if they are appropriate for your family's needs.

    If you feel overwhelmed by a problem, call us anytime: 401-432-1364. Bradley experts can do a confidential and thorough evaluation to help you get advice and answers to your questions. We are dedicated to healing the hearts and minds of children and their families.

    Potential problems


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