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  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide: Parent/Child Communication

  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide:
    Parent/Child Communication

    Children and Teenagers...

    Do you sometimes feel like your parents don't understand you? Do they sometimes seem uninterested in the things that are meaningful to you? When they ask you questions, does it feel like you're on trial? Does it seem like they find fault with everything you do?
    Before you write them off, consider this


    Does it seem that your kids and you have nothing in common? Do you have more conflict than cooperation? Is every question treated like an invasion of privacy? Do you feel they don't appreciate or respect you?
    Before you despair, consider this

    A Valuable Resource

    Communication between children and their parents is often difficult. Fortunately, Bradley Hospital has the staff and resources to help. We have individual, group and family therapy designed to improve communication within the family.

    A certain amount of difficulty in keeping communication lines open between parents and children is normal. However, if things seem overwhelming, call us anytime: 401-432-1364.


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