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  • Burn Center

  • The Burn Center at Rhode Island Hospital, the only accredited burn center in the state, treats approximately 100 burn patients per year. The trained professionals and top-notch technology provide superior care to each patient. Rhode Island Hospital's Burn Center is remarkable for its interdisciplinary nature; physicians, nurses and technicians from different departments bring their expertise to their dedicated treatment of burn patients.

    David Harrington, MD, director of the Rhode Island Burn Center, discusses frostbite.

    These services are provided to patients through all phases of recovery following a burn injury. Therapy services may continue after discharge from the hospital. A therapist experienced in burn care will develop a treatment plan based on a patient's individual needs. Treatments are focused on improving joint range of motion and muscle strength through splinting, stretching and exercise. Treatment plans include education in minimizing scarring and information regarding protecting the skin. Patients set goals with their therapists to maximize performance in ambulation and other aspects of mobility and in activities of daily living i.e., bathing, dressing and returning to community activities.


    Burn Center brochure Download and print our brochure (PDF, 2 MB)